NAID AAA Certified

What is NAID “AAA” Certification?

The increasing number of laws and regulations requiring information protection emphasizes your responsibility to make careful decisions about how your data is handled and who handles it. If security safeguards are breached, audited or challenged due diligence in the selection of the shredding vendor must be apparent and defensible. Merely saying "but we have a certificate of destruction" is an inadequate defense. Any lawyer, judge or jury would want to know what qualifications the provider possessed for you to choose them. You must be able to defend those qualifications in a court of law.

How can you be certain of the shredding provider's qualifications? One simple way is to ask them if they are NAID Certified®. NAID certification verifies the shredding provider's qualifications andconfirms the security you expect.

Every aspect of a NAID Certified® provider's operation is controlled by strict security standards. In fact, NAID Certified® standards are so demanding they establish the due diligence required for compliance with HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) and FACTA, and they exceed the standards for reasonableness that is generally accepted by government agencies and courts.

NAID Certification demands compliance with standards for employee screening and hiring, operational and facility security, the destruction process, and insurance requirements. In all, compliance with more than twenty standards is verified by and independent Certified Protection Professional® (CPP)*. And it doesn't stop after one inspection; to maintain certification, the shredding provider must pass the verification process annually. And to ensure ongoing compliance, the provider may be randomly audited throughout the year.

By choosing Ohio Mobile Shredding; AAA Certified since 2003, you demonstrate that you have made your choice about information protection with care, diligence, and respect for the law.

*The CPP is the highest and most recognized security management accreditation achievable. The CPP accreditation is issued to security professionals who meet stringent educational and experience requirements by ASIS International®, the preeminent professional security association.

NAID AAA Certificate