Your Choice of Confidential Containers Provided Free of Charge!

Security Console

Security Console
up to 100 lbs. capacity
19.5" x 19.5" x 37"

Security Receptacle

Security Receptacle
200 lbs. capacity
27" x 25" x 42"

Security Cart

Security Cart
500 lbs. capacity
43" x 28.5" x 37.5"

EasyShred℠ Container Service

The FBI estimates the theft of proprietary information costs U.S. corporations $24 billion annually. What is the cost to your company, your customers and your employees if sensitive information were to fall into the wrong hands?

 NAID Advisory: Why small offices should use a shredding service

Keep Your Business Safe, Secure and in Compliance with EasyShred℠

With today's competitive and litigious business environment, and mandated compliance with data protection laws, it makes good business sense to use EasyShred.

EasyShred is a one-stop solution that provides

  1. protection against unauthorized access to sensitive information
  2. routine destruction of sensitive documents and
  3. legally required employee training

How EasyShred℠ Works:

  1. We visit to provide our credentials and create a proposal to place our collection containers and train your staff.
  2. If you accept, we provide the compliance documents you need to start. We also provide the collection equipment, the required training*, and written instructions to employees.
  3. Our security personnel come by on a schedule, that you determine; to service the collection containers. You receive a Certificate of Destruction and documentation for your legal chain of custody and proof of on-going regulartory compliance.

That’s it! With EasyShred℠ data security and regulatory compliance could not be simpler!

Your documents are shredded, your employees are trained, there is a record of compliance and your organization is better protected. And all shredded paper is recycled enabling your organization to save hundreds of trees per year!

Plus, you’ll get:

  • New!EasyShred Referral Reward Program
  • A preferred customer discount on purges and clean-outs!
  • An annual Green Report!
  • A Quarterly newsletter keeping you informed on data privacy legislation and developments in information security!

*The employee information Disposal Training Video was developed by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). As a member of NAID, Ohio Mobile Shredding is licensed to make this unique and easy compliance tool available to our customers.

With the development of a shredding program with policy & procedures, and training of your employees, Ohio Mobile Shredding alleviates the pressure so you can focus on your business.